People of the Sun (Детское Евровидение 2014, Армения)

People of the Sun 
We always getting fun

[Lyrics to People of the Sun by Betty (Детское Евровиденив 2014, Армения)]

Choco Fabric (Детское Евровидение 2013, Армения)

Who wants a choco? I’ll bring you choco /
Let’s chill with choco, la-la-la-la-la-late /
Made in choco, sweety choco /
All with choco, la-la-la-la-la-late

Sweetie baby (Детское Евровидение 2012, Армения)

When there are clouds in the blue sky,
You’re passing by, sad, I don’t know why,
Light up your face, bright up your eyes,
Sorrow will go, if you just smile.

Baby, sweetie baby,
Down on me, tell me why?
Baby, sweetie baby,
Talk to me for a while.
Baby, sweetie baby,
Let me steal your smile.
Just wanna see you happy,
Give a look, please.
Give me smile, Give me smile, Give me smile.
(Improvisation: Just a smile. All I ask is a smile)

All I can do is just to sigh

Группа Candy из Грузии – победитель Детского Евровидения 2011!

Группа Candy из Грузии получили в сумме 108 баллов за их песню «Candy Music». Нидерланды закончили вторыми, Беларусь - третья.

Welcome to Armenia (Armenia Junior Eurovision 2011)

Attention, attention, all flights change the destination to Armenia.

Give me your hand, become my friend, let's go together
I will take you to Armenia, and will be telling for a long time that
Our mountains have a soul
our walls, our walls have a history

Say Yes, Say Yes, we should go ahead,
Say No, Say No, we will not let you go alone
Will Go, Will Go, we and our future
Welcome to Armenia come on here we go.

Black clouds and angry winds should drive away
Tears, losses, and pain, we will not allow them to come with us

Изменения в Детском Евровидении 2011

Детское Евровидение 2011 пройдет в Ереване, Армения. Cобытие запланировано на 3 декабря


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